When terror targets holiest sites in the world

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The terrorists are targeting again the places of worship in Saudi Arabia, and this time, the crime was carried out in the purest parts of the world, at the Prophet's Mosque in Medina. A suicide bomber headed towards the security men guarding the Prophet's Mosque and blew himself up in a parking lot after the crier of prayer prayed the evening prayer. The Medina witnesses a flow of visitors and worshippers to the Prophet's Mosque in Ramadan each year, especially in the last days. The days of the holy month of Ramadan passed peacefully, and the Prophet's Mosque was visited by one million Muslims, who flocked from all parts of the world, after they had performed Umrah in Mecca. The Saudi authorities have done its best to provide all means of comfort for pilgrims and visitors, and deployed thousands of soldiers and security men to maintain the security of the Two Holy Mosques and pilgrims. In the past days, several threats were issued by Iranian officials against the Kingdom, encouraging ISIS organization to push its suicide bombers to target the Two Holy Mosques.


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When terror targets holiest sites in the world
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