2 commanders in Hezbollah, Iranian Guard killed in Syria

Monday, 11 July 2016

The military operations did not stop in Aleppo, and that is in spite of the truce that the regime is announcing unilaterally to stop the battles that they quickly burned before it came into effect. Its force and the militias supporting it, the revolutionary factions operating in Aleppo, announced that they intend to redeploy and evaluate conditions on the ground after the unprecedented attack against its positions by the regime, Russian aircraft, and Lebanese militias that resulted in the rebels suffering major personnel losses. The opposition also announced that during the Al-Mallah and Alcastello Road battles an important commander in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was killed along with a senior leader in Hezbollah in addition to dozens of Hezbollah fighters and major losses to military machinery and equipment. The opposition forces counted no fewer than 85 raids that targeted Aleppo yesterday.


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2 commanders in Hezbollah, Iranian Guard killed in Syria
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