Polo match starring Prince William unites Britain and Saudi Arabia

Saturday, 23 July 2016

On a sunny day in Cambridgeshire, Prince William led his team to enjoy a polo match against a Gulf team to support charities. This prestigious sporting tournament has been a permanent fixture in the UK, organixed by BMG foundation for the last 20 years. Basil al-Ghalayini, CEO of BMG financial group said: “When we started it was a small little game, Prince Charles was captain of his team, when he told me how come there is no polo in Saudi Arabia, I told him let’s start it and this this how it kicked off BMG foundation Polo Cup.” Prince Williams’ interest in horses stems from his childhood as members of the royal family have been keen polo players since king Edward VIII took up the sport as Prince of Wales. The Duke of Cambridge has used his skills to great effect as a vehicle to raise money for his own highly regarded charity. The Cup became a social cultural business event where we encourage the business community to start setting corporate social responsibility, Ghalayini said, adding: “These days we should not be focused on doing business, making money and being greedy, we should be part of the community where we should help and appreciate their need for help.” The GCC Polo Cup also donates a portion of the funds to these trusts as well as other Middle Eastern charitable organizations. This match is a natural bond for a Saudi-British partnership to further cement bridges between east and west. On this historical relationship, Richard Fenwick of B&P wealth said: “There has been always a royal connection. What has been important about that connection is the unity that comes from the Britain and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the mutual respect from both royal families.” After both teams received trophies, sponsors of the game were honored for their support in this cause.

Mostapha Zarou, Special to Al Arabiya English - Lode, North East England


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Polo match starring Prince William unites Britain and Saudi Arabia
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