How Saudi Arabia is helping refugees

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Saudi Arabia is keen on handling the issue of humanitarian crises out of its commitment in line with the fundamental teachings of Islam which calls for peace and is keen to assist the needy people, Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Naif, said in New York.

“The total humanitarian assistance provided by the Kingdom over the past four decades amounted to about $139 billion,” he said. The Crown Prince said that Saudi Arabia considers Yemeni refugees as visitors and provides many facilities for more than half a million of them.

Some 285,000 Yemeni children have enrolled free of cost in Saudi government schools.

In another speech, Tuesday, the crown prince said that the Kingdom provided in February 2016 with support of 59 million dollars to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees and that the value of the Kingdom's commitment to provide assistance to Afghan refugees in Pakistan reached 30 million US dollars, in addition to the Kingdom's pledge to provided 50 million dollars to the Indonesian Government to support the Rohingya refugees in Indonesia.

The crown prince announced the commitment of Saudi Arabia to provide additional 75 million dollars to support the refugees in coordination with international organizations.

The issue of dealing with 65.3 million displaced people takes center stage at the General Assembly with heads of state and leaders from the United Nations’ 193-member states attending the summit.


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How Saudi Arabia is helping refugees
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