Theresa May: My message to the Arab world and UK

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Turki Al-Dakhil
“ What is your message to Arab world about yourself?”

Theresa May:
“I hope that people will see me as a dependable partner, and somebody who we - who can - they can work with to ensure prosperity and security here in the Gulf region, but also in the United Kingdom. And I look forward to the discussions I’m having at the GCC Summit, and also to the individual discussions that I’ll be having with the Gulf states’ leaders to look at the ways in which we can take our relationship forward. I want the Gulf states to see the UK as that dependable partner for the future.”

“In terms of the United Kingdom, I’ve been giving a very simple message to people, that I want my time as Prime Minister Theresa May, I want my government, to be a government that works for everyone across the United Kingdom. I want the United Kingdom to be a great meritocracy, where people can get on and be the best that they want to be. And where what matters is not where you’ve come from or who your parents were, but actually, your own efforts and your own talents. Working for everyone: that’s the message, that’s what I will be doing in the UK.”



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Theresa May: My message to the Arab world and UK
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