UK’s PM: Gulf states are our strategic partner - Iran is not

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Turki Al-Dakhil
“Prime Minister Theresa May, many people in the GCC, normal people, and even leaders, feel that the UK has turned its back on its allies and Iran has benefited from that. What is your view?”

Theresa May
“No, the UK continues to have good, strong relations with the Gulf and with the Gulf states, but I want to build on those for the future. The Gulf states are our strategic partner - Iran is not. It’s important that we build on the relationships we have with the Gulf states. I think that is - can be done in a number of areas. Yes, on security, but also on the prosperity agenda, on looking at the trade relationships that we can build on. We already see significant exports from the UK into the Gulf states, and significant investment from the Gulf states in the UK. I want to take that further.”

Turki Al-Dakhil
“But do you have this feeling while you are sitting with the leaders in the GCC?”

Theresa May
“I feel a very positive approach from the leaders in the GCC, and a recognition that the UK and the Gulf states have done much together in the past. But this isn’t just about resting on our past relationship - it’s about saying: ‘How can we work together for the future? How can we work together to ensure the security and prosperity both of the Gulf, but also the UK?’”





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UK’s PM: Gulf states are our strategic partner - Iran is not
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