Registration in the Saudi Citizen's Account explained

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

We spoke with some engineers; and they said that the website has a carrying capacity of 450.000 applications per hour. So, if we want to register, we have to enter on this page as you can see, and we press the Register button then click on a New Registry and fill the required information like the ID number, mobile phone number, date of both, as you can see directly on the screen. The live demo will allow viewers to learn how to register their information on the website.

Of course when you were talking, we saw a live display on how to enter the information as a new user. You will receive a text message on your mobile phone, the next step is to enter the code and you can also change it so you enjoy more privacy features.

A new window will pop out allowing the user to change the secret code; the window will have four tabs. In the demo, we click on a new window called proceed to finish your request; we ought to enter and fill the public data, the home address and information about family members. There also some yes or no questions to be answered by the user.

Now we reach the stage of disclosure of income, there will be a list of columns to be filled like the family income, the main income of the family, and the income of family members as well. At this point, the new user has to fill columns about his real estate property. Finally, the last step to register is to fill the bank account information as well as IBAN


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Registration in the Saudi Citizen's Account explained
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