Aden’s hotels wipe away the scars of war

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Radfan al-Dubais, Al Arabiya, Aden

Owner of Zahrat al-Rabea Hotel Mahfouz Yafei and other like him in the hospitality sector did not wait for compensation for damages to their properties from the war. Instead, they are restoring their businesses themselves.

The authorities were keen to assess all the damage caused to the public and private property. They encouraged the reconstruction until the compensation for those affected became possible. With a mutual and joint will, everyone attempted to rebuild the old beautiful Aden and wipe away the scars of war.

So far, the process of restoration and rehabilitation partially included most aspects of life, network services and the streets. Nevertheless, it sent a powerful message of hope in renovating the beloved Aden.

The unremitting efforts for reconstruction are not limited to the government only; the population and the private sector are in a race to rebuild what was destroyed by the militias.


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Aden’s hotels wipe away the scars of war
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