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The prayers on the dead - the US style

Dawood al-Shirian

The US Defense Department held the prayers on the dead body of Osama Bin Laden aboard "Carl Vinson" aircraft carrier. The prayers lasted for 50 minutes. The Americans were keen to apply "the rules of the Islamic teachings" in the prayers. The corpse of Osama Bin Laden was washed up, then placed in the white wrapping cloth, which was then put in a weighted bag. One officer performed the prayers, which was arabized by a translator and then the dead body was placed on a board and thrown in the Arabian Sea.

Sources from the Pentagon said that they have been committed to all the Islamic rules in performing the prayers on dead body of Bin Laden, but they never mentioned the details of washing the body. Has the dead body been washed up by a Muslim? Did he make use of camphor? It seems that it was hard to wash the dead body as it was shredded, burned or even due to insufficient water as the washing took place aboard an aircraft carrier. The statement pointed out to the details of the prayers and said that an officer "performed the prayers after a translator arabized it." We don't know why the translator did not perform the prayers himself as long as he speaks fluent Arabic. We don't know if the officer was a Muslim and the translator was not! If the case was so, then how did they permit the translator to attend the prayers and how many people were present during the prayers on the dead body?

Let's disregard this part of the "movie" of the killing of Mr. Bin Laden. Let's disregard Washington's attempt to satisfy the simple Muslims by talking about washing the dead body and performing the prayers. Let's disregard the lies of both the Americans and the Pakistanis. Let's stop at the scene of burial. The leader of Al-Qaeda has lived in caves, he has created a weird Jihadist thought. He has permitted the killing of children, women and innocent people. He has practiced terrorism for long decades…He has misled numerous young people and pushed them into an unknown destiny. He recruited dozens of writers and professionals. He has created a cultural state which he called "Al-Qaeda" thought. Eventually, his dead body was thrown in the Arabian Sea. He evaporated. Isn't this end more instigating to re-create another Bin Laden personality? Isn't this end creates a kind of suspicion on his killing and intentionally turns him into an absent cleric?

Some politicians considered the killing of Mr. Bin Laden as a transfer point in the terrorism phenomenon. But, nobody is able to confirm that it is a positive point of transfer. Some media outlets participated over long years to put Mr. Bin Laden in the position of a hero. But, the unimaginable end created by the US Administration for the leader of Al-Qaeda turned him into a legend and would lead to a continuation of his thoughts that disfigured Islam and made Jihad contradictory with courage.

Dawood al-Shirian is Editor in Chief of AlArabiya.Net. He can be reached via email at:

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