Radical Egyptian cleric: Mursi should kill ‘thugs’ or we will

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A controversial Egyptian preacher and Islamist writer urged Wednesday President Mohammed Mursi to kill “thugs” and “criminals” who are burning the country otherwise people will do it by themselves.

“I am saying this publically and I am inciting the killing of criminals; I say criminals; thugs, thieves, those who are burning the country and those who are killing innocent people,” an angry-looking Wagdy Ghoneim said in a YouTube video.

“If the police or the prosecution will not restore justice, we will restore justice...God willing,” he added.

He said President Mursi should “use his powers” and be tough on “outlaws” that are burning state institutions and inflicting harm upon the people.

Addressing Mursi, the radical preacher said: “Your kindness will not work with these thugs Mr. president.”

Ghoneim is reportedly banned from several Western countries, including the United States and the UK for activities deemed to foment hatred or encourage and support violence.

Some of his previously controversial statements include gloating over Hurricane Sandy disaster in October 2012 and the death of Coptic Pope Shenouda III.

Ghoneim described storm Sandy as one of “God’s soldiers” sent to punish the United States for its actions against Muslims.

In March 18, 2012 Egyptians should be happy for the death of Pope Shenouda III he described as anti-Muslim.

“Praise be to Allah. With the grace of Allah, the head of unbelief and polytheism, known as Shenouda, died yesterday, may Allah exact revenge from him. God's worshippers and the trees and the animals were all relieved by his death. Egypt is relieved by his [death], because he generated sectarian strife,” the radical cleric said in a video posted on the internet.

His latest statements against “thugs” and “criminals” came as thousands of Liberal forces demonstrated across Egypt against Islamist President Mohammed Mursi, calling for a new constitution that answers the demands of all Egyptians.

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