Hezbollah members killed in Syria's Qusayr, says FSA

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The Free Syrian Army said in a statement on Thursday that it had killed members of Hezbollah after the Lebanese Shiite group seized control of a checkpoint in one of Syria’s towns.

“The Free Syrian Army (FSA) killed a number of Hezbollah members situated at checkpoint 14 in the town of Qusayr along the Syrian-Lebanese border and seized control of the checkpoint,” the statement said.

The FSA has repeatedly accused Hezbollah members of attacking Syrian villages, primarily in the region near the Lebanese border. Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has admitted some party members fought in Syria but insists that it was of their own accord and not under his orders.

Meanwhile, the FSA noted it had opened a front against the regime in the area between Damascus and the Golan Heights.

It said it had attacked a military barrier belonging to the republican guard forces and the army’s elite Fourth Armored Division in Khan al-Sheikh, which is situated on the outskirts of Damascus.

Furthermore, Reuters has quoted activists as saying the regime troops, which were located in the mountains that overlook Khan al-Sheikh, attacked the area with a barrage of rockets. This was supposedly an attempt to force opposition fighters to retreat from the area surrounding the army barricade.

According to the opposition, more than 1,000 fighters headed to Khan al-Sheikh which is 25 kilometers away from the Golan Heights area.

The uprising in Syria erupted in March 2011 and has now escalated into a civil war. The United Nations said the bloody conflict has cost 70,000 lives.