Slapped Egyptian activist to file case against Brotherhood member

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Egyptian activist Mervat Mousa, who was slapped by an alleged member of the Muslim Brotherhood for participating in a graffiti event, told Al Arabiya that she will file a case against the perpetrator with the public prosecutor.

In a video that went viral on social media sites this week, Mousa fell to the ground after being slapped. She was among a crowd of activists and Brotherhood members clashing near the movement’s headquarters in Muqattam earlier this week.

What happened?

Mousa said she and her fellow activists were taking part in a Facebook event to draw “the names of martyrs” on the street and to condemn the Brotherhood’s rule in Egypt.

“I sat on my knees and drew Jeeka’s name,” Mousa said, referring to Jaber Salah, an activist who was killed in clashes in Mohamed Mahmoud Street last November.

Although they were drawing about 200 meters away from the headquarters, Brotherhood members started physically attacking and verbally insulting them, demanding that they leave, Mousa said.

A photo was widely circulated on social media sites showing activist Ahmed Douma writing “the sheep’s barn” on the floor, in reference to the Brotherhood headquarters.

“A man came up to us and started putting sand on Douma’s writing,” Mousa said. “I told him this is unacceptable... this is a form of free expression.”

Clashes erupted later when more Brotherhood members approached the activists and told them to leave. Verbal and physical abuse were used to force the activists to do so, Mousa said.

“Three men started beating Douma, and I refused to leave him,” she said, adding that his face was covered with blood. “As a human and as a mother, I couldn’t leave Douma. I tried lifting the man who was beating him.”

The man then turned on Mousa and started verbally insulting her, she said.

“He shouted at me, asking: ‘Why are you still here’?” Mousa said. “I told him I won’t run...and then he slapped me. I didn’t want to shed a tear in front of that man. I immediately stood up.”


Violence is unacceptable and the perpetrator should be punished, el-Watan News website quoted Saad el-Katatni, head of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, as saying on Sunday.

However, Brotherhood supporters condemned the activists’ presence outside the headquarters, saying their drawings and slogans were “insulting.” Mousa denied the accusations.