Giza governorate building set on fire, Brotherhoods vow escalation

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Egypt’s Giza governorate headquarters in Cairo was set on fire on Thursday with authorities blaming the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Arabiya correspondent reported.

Television footage showed the headquarters in flames as men tried to douse the fire with hoses.

According to Al Arabiya correspondent in Cairo, assailants used Molotov bombs to burn down the building.

The Muslim Brotherhood had called for nationwide rallies against a deadly crackdown on protesters Wednesday.

The march is scheduled in Cairo on Thursday that would set off from al-Iman mosque, AFP reported.

Calm returned to the surrounding of Rabaa al-Adawiya square, where interior security forces crashed the main sit-in of pro-Mohammad Mursi protesters.

Pro Mursi protestors have gathered around al-Iman Mosque in preparation for the march against the military forces.

Al Arabiya reported that Mursi’s supporters have gathered al-Iman mosque where they plan to set up a new vigil.

Recent reports by a health ministry show that at least 525 people were killed in Egypt on Wednesday including 202 protestors in Rabaa al-Adawiya, AFP reported.

Police and military troops reportedly used live fire, teargas and bulldozers in an attempt to break up pro-Mursi rallies.

Moreover, Egyptian authorities referred 84 people from the city of Suez including Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters to military prosecutors on Thursday on charges of murder and burning churches, the state news agency reported.

This comes shortly after Islamists have reportedly staged revenge attacks on Christian targets in several areas, torching churches, homes and business after Coptic Pope Tawadros gave his blessing to the military takeover that ousted Mursi, security sources and state media said.

However, Security forces in Egypt are still struggling to maintain safety in the streets after a month long state of emergency was declared by the installed government.

The curfew imposed includes the capital along with 10 other provinces.

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