Prosecutor refuses release on bail for accused Saudi student in Missouri

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The prosecutors have not disclosed the motive behind the killing. Singletary had worked in a bar owned by the victim.

During Tuesday’s session, presided by the head of the judicial circuit 17 of Missouri State, Judge Jacqueline A. Cook, the lawyer presented two requests; the first is to reconsider the release of Obeid on a million-dollar bail until the final judgment, but the prosecutor denied him the right to bail on the basis of fear that Obeid might flee the United States.

The prosecutor opposed, for the second time, on the same basis of the first refusal, fearing that Obeid will get a Passport from the Saudi embassy in Washington or any of its consulates, which will facilitate his exit from the states, and therefore obstruct the justice from completing the trial and reach a final verdict against the accused if proven guilty.

The lawyer strengthened his request by stating that even if Obeid will leave to Saudi Arabia, and is convicted in absentia, he will be extradited to the United States as per the security agreements between the two countries, which don’t justify the precautionary measure of refusing the bail and keep him in jail until the end of trial.

In addition to this first request, the lawyer Osgood presented another, asking for the right to inspect the evidence presented by the prosecutors to the court, which had enabled him to get an arrest warrant against Obeid and lock him in jail all this time. As the U.S. law gives the prosecutor the right to refrain from revealing the evidence and clues, and refuse to make them available to the accused and his lawyer, until they ask officially to get into the phase of inspecting the clues, then the accused will have the right to accept or refuse the clues and appeal.

After the conclusion of the hearing session, which didn’t last more than 10 minutes, Obeid was removed to the court’s custody, met with his lawyer for a few minutes before that the lawyer leaves the court.

The lawyer John Osgood told Al Arabiya, that it is too early to reveal the circumstances around the incident, but he confirmed that his client was innocent from all charges.

Half an hour after the end of the hearing session, Obeid left the court in handcuffs, surrounded by a number of policemen who escorted him to the jail’s car and was transported to Johnson County Jail in Missouri where he has been detained since his arrest on Sept. 5.

Looking into the records of Obeid, Al Arabiya found that he had five law violations since 2010, but they are all traffic violations. They vary between unfastening the seat belt in 2010, and high speed driving in 2011, then driving without a valid driving license which was withheld, and this was the last violation, 18 days before the murder.

As for Singletary who shot Whiteworth, is a graduate from the same university of Obeid.

Whiteworth parents put his house on sale for $148,000, a few days after the murder of their son, while his bar is open now after being closed since the murder.

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