Saudi interior ministry clarifies facts about detainees

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All the detainees – whether convicted or accused – fully enjoy Shariah, legal and human rights being overseen by the Investigation and Prosecution Board, Human Rights Commission and the National Society for Human Rights, the statement said.

It added that all the detainees including their families receive reasonable financial aid to cover their living, health and educational expenses.

Meanwhile, a liaison office has been established for the families of detainees in order to communicate with them and meet their needs.

The statement referred to some detainees whose names were mentioned in a number of incidents, clarifying that imprisonment verdicts have been issued against some of them while others were being tried by specialized courts for committing crimes resulting in the injuries and death of a large number of innocent people, SPA reported.

The statement mentioned the names of some detainees and elaborated the crimes that they have committed and the legal procedures launched against them.

The statement mentioned Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Turki who was sentenced to four years in prison for brokering the marketing of uranium between two countries even though he was aware of the fact that the substance is used in manufacturing nuclear weapons. When he was released he did not abide by his commitment. He has been detained for cooperating with suspicious quarters with the purpose of inflaming public opinion.

Haila al-Qaseer, a female prisoner, was charged by the court with collecting and smuggling money to help terrorist organizations, instigating armed resistance against security personnel, acquiring arms and branding the government as infidel. She was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. The verdict was approved by the Court of Cassation.

Mohammed bin Saleh al-Bejadi, has been sentenced to four years in prison and is serving his jail term. He was charged with communicating with foreign agencies to carry out acts aimed at undermining the country’s security in addition to other crimes.

Badr bin Fahad bin Sameh, is being tried along with a group of 14 other suspects. He faces charges of joining a terrorist cell inside the country besides his involvement in planning and preparing a terrorist operation targeting residential areas. He was arrested before committing the crime.

Namr Souhaj al-Baqami is being tried along with a group of 86 suspects. He and his group are charged with attacking two oil companies and a compound in al-Khobar, shooting at security guards and killing innocent people. He is also charged with participating in the killing of 15 people, detonating explosives at a compound and at the building of the General Administration of Traffic and attempting to kill a number of security personnel.

Fahad Abdul Aziz al-Sharhan is being tried along with 50 suspects. They are charged with giving shelter to Rakan al-Saykhan, who was in charge of arming terrorists. Al-Sharhan misused his military post to support the terrorist organization in the country and leaked security information about certain locations.

Mohammed Mosleh al-Shihri is presently receiving treatment under tight security. The Shariah Court is probing his case and that of a group of 85 suspects. He is charged with a number of crimes most importantly his involvement in the cell which detonated explosives at al-Hamra, Vinyl and Granada compounds in east Riyadh in 2011.

Detainee Fahad Ali al-Qahtani is being tried along with a group of 85 suspects. He is the only survivor of the suicide group which participated in al-Hamra Compound blast. He was one of the attackers.

Khalaf Hamdan al-Twailaie al-Enezi is being tried along with a group of 85 suspects. He is charged with joining al-Qaeda and meeting suicide operators in one of their secret hideouts before their attack in the east of Riyadh.

Khaled Jarallah al-Meshari is being tried along with 50 suspects. They are charged with joining al-Qaeda and a terrorist organization in the country, supplying it with weapons and ammunition used in detonating explosives at al-Mohya Compound, the building of the General Administration of Traffic, and the Interior Ministry building.

At the end of the statement, the ministry reiterated the importance of refraining from participation in any gatherings or processions as security forces will strictly deal with all violators according to the law.

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