Dubai Rose Event spreads the Prophets message of peace

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After having organized a similar activity in Norway, United Kingdom, Germany and Egypt, about 50 volunteers participated in “Dubai Rose Event” to distribute 1,000 roses with tiny papers attached to them including sayings by the Prophet that promote harmony among people.

“This event was a positive reaction to the ‘Innocent of Muslims’ movie that came out last month. The youth wanted to show people who the Prophet Mohammad was by showing people his character in a beautiful way,” said Ahmad Abugosh, an event organizer.

People reacted positively to the spreading-rose event, said Abugosh. “Everyone loved the event and it generated many interesting discussions. Some people refused to take a rose, but the majority of them were happy to have their evening brightened up with a flower,” he added.

Those who refused to take the rose assumed it was not given for free, said Jihad M'nasria, who works in Media production and an organizer of this event.

“Some people were weird and refused to take the flowers or thought we were selling them,” she explained. But mostly, people greeted the volunteers with “big smiles and lovely spirits,” M'nasria added.

The event took place in about 13 cities on Saturday, including Oslo, London, Leeds, Cairo, Dubai, Melbourne, Paris, New York, and Toronto, according to M'nasria.

The oraganziers paid to cover the cost of roses and gathered in a volunteer's apartment to prepare the messages. Nine different sayings of Prophet Muhammad were attached to the flowers, said M'nasria.

An example of the Prophet’s sayings attached to the roses was: “Deal gently with people and be not harsh; cheer them and condemn not.”

“Spreading positivism, love, respect and kindness doesn't cost anything therefore nothing should stop us from doing it,” said M'nasria.

“These last couple of days our Prophet (pbuh) has been attacked by non-Muslims and Muslims alike. We would like to spread the truth about our beloved Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) through the methods taught by our Prophet,” according to a statement posted on the campaign blog

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