Emirati writer to critics UAE not like any other Arab state

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UAE’s unique example stemmed from its history which had “virtually no terrorism or mass dissent” and its ability to “enjoy fruits of peace and relative progression,” he continued.

He listed examples of cases used by the EU to highlight UAE’s human rights violations and described it as “reductionism” without delving into “evidence, nuance and history that it effectively paints a false image.”

For Gergawi, the critics fail to see the UAE’s 18-year effort to “peacefully reintegrate” Islamists into society and state and despite the Islamists allegiance to a “leader of a foreign movement.”

In October, UAE’s ambassador in the UK, also wrote an op-ed in another British newspaper The Guardian, to defend the country.

Abdul Rahman Al-Mutaiwee hailed the country’s achievement and said the progress was due to the sound governances of the UAE’s leadership. Like Gergawi, he also justified the arrests of Islamists especially of Al-Islah, the UAE’s branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Later October, the UAE criticized the EU resolution concerning human rights in the UAE as “biased.”

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