Is This the Real Concern of the Palestinians

Elias Harfoush
Elias Harfoush
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The Palestinian authority officials are saying that they are presenting their request to the United Nations to stress their right to the territories of the Palestinian state on the 1967 border, to transform these territories from conflicted ones to ones belonging to a state under occupation and to confront the increasing settlement activities in the West Bank and the ongoing Judaization of the city of Jerusalem.

However, the status of the West Bank and Gaza as occupied territories is already settled by the Security Council resolutions, especially the famous Resolution 242 which rejected the occupation of the territories by force. Furthermore, the American and European policies do not recognize the legitimacy of the settlement constructions on the occupied lands or the altering of these territories’ character, while the consecutive American administrations all refused to recognize Jerusalem as a capital for Israel.

In addition, not one sane person believes that the Palestinians’ earning of this partial and symbolic gain will stop the Jewish settlements. This is due to the fact that the Palestinian authority previously threatened Israel to stop the negotiations if it did not stop these settlement activities, and the negotiations were indeed halted. But Netanyahu was actually the one who used that situation to impose new realities in the West Bank and Jerusalem, through the expansion of the settlements.

Now, the priority for the Palestinians and the main concern they should be worried about – as leaders and citizens – is this shameful and ongoing division between the Ramallah and Gaza “states,” to the point where the talk about a two-state solution has become a reality, but with Palestinian hands and on the land of the Palestinian state. It is shameful that the Hamas government in Gaza presented a complaint before the United Nations in regard to the recent Israeli aggression on the Strip, as this clearly showed the international community there were two states in Palestine, one that is complaining and another that is just watching!

Hamas’s command did not make a mistake this time when it described the authority’s request of an honorary membership at the United Nations as being a waste of time, for it truly is. Indeed, it would have been better for the Palestinians to start arranging their internal home before seeking foreign recognition.

(The author is a columnist at al Hayat. This article was published Nov. 14, 2012)

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