Mursi is illegitimate for failing to impose Shariah Egyptian Salafi

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An Egyptian Salafi preacher has hit out at Egypt’s President Mohammed Mursi, labeling him an “illegitimate” leader for failing to enforce Islamic laws on the country since he took office.

Ahmad Ashoush, in an interview with Al Arabiya, said Mursi was brought to power according to a man-made constitution that is unrecognized by his Salafi and Jihadist fellows who, he said, only believe in laws set by God through religion.

Ashoush, however, did not call on Mursi’s ouster but instead urged the enforcement of God’s law.

“Having failed to enforce God’s law, Mursi is like all his predecessors,” he said.

Ashoush explained that Mursi’s “illegitimacy” had nothing to do with his credentials but with the way he was elected.

“Mursi was elected not on the basis of Islamic Shariah [Islamic laws] but on a man-man constitution which we [Salafis] do not believe in.

“Under whatever circumstances, Mursi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s presidential candidate, should not accept to rule according to civil laws that allow alcohol, adultery and gambling.

“We have no problem with Mursi but with the existing constitution and laws … Musri is required to take a clear position towards man-made laws that allow haram,” Ashoush said.