Mother kills son for failing to memorize Quran

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A woman beat her son to death for failing to memorize parts of the Quran, the South Wales Guardian reported on Tuesday.

She proceeded to burn his body in order to get rid of the evidence.

Sara Ege was sentenced to life in prison and ordered to serve a minimum of 17 years, said the report. The 33-year-old mother collapsed during her sentencing at Cardiff Crown Court.

The judge agreed with Ege’s lawyer that “in many respects she was a very good mother,” but noted that she had suffered from depression for various reasons.

“The violence that you perpetrated on your son was not confined to one day,” the judge told Ege.

“I am satisfied that over three months you beat him on a number of occasions, often with a wooden pestle. His injuries must have caused him a good deal of pain. In my judgment Yaseen was subjected to prolonged cruelty,” stated the judge.

The evidence proved that on the day Yaseen died he was attacked and suffered “serious abdominal injuries,” continued Judge Williams.

He questioned the mother: “What was your motive for acting as you did? I am satisfied that on the day of his death Yaseen was kept home from school so that he could dedicate himself to his [Quran] studies. On that day Yaseen must have failed in some way because I am satisfied that it was that failure which was the trigger for the beating.”
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