Saudi king appoints new Supreme Court chief

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Saudi King Abdullah appointed a new Supreme Court chief on Tuesday after a royal order to reshuffle the 20-member council of Saudi senior scholars.

The royal order ended the service of the President of the Supreme Court, Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz al-Kulliyah, who asked to be relieved.

Sheikh Ghayhab bin Muhammad bin Abdullah al-Ghayhab was appointed as the head of the Supreme Court with the rank of minister.

The royal order re-constituted the Senior Scholars Council of the Grand Mufti with Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah as president, and the following other sheikhs as members:

1- Sheikh Saleh bin Muhammad al-Luhaidan

2- Sheikh Dr. Saleh bin Fawzan al-Fawzan

3- Sheikh Dr. Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Ibrahim Al al-Sheikh

4- Sheikh Saleh bin Abdulrahman al-Hussain

5- Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulmohsen al-Turki

6- Sheikh Abdullah bin Suleiman bin Manie

7- Sheikh Dr. Saleh bin Abdullah bin Humaid

8- Dr. Abdullah bin Muhammad al-Mutlaq

9- Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Sir Mubaraki

10- Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Abdul-Karim bin Abdulaziz Al-Issa

11- Sheikh Dr. Abdul-Wahhab bin Ibrahim Abu Suleiman

12- Sheikh Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Saad al-Khunain

13- Sheikh Dr. Yaaqoub bin Abdulwahab bin Yousuf al-Bahussein

14- Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz al-Kulliyah

15- Sheikh Mohammed bin Hassan bin Abdulrahman bin Abdullatif Al al-Sheikh

16- Sheikh Dr. Ali Abbas bin Othman Hakami

17- Sheikh Dr. Abdul-Karim bin Abdullah bin Abdulrahman Al-Khudair

18- Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Muhammad al-Mukhtar Muhammad

19- sheikh Dr. Qais bin Muhammad bin Abdullatif Al Al-Sheikh Mubarak

20- Sheikh Dr. Saad bin Turki al-Khathlan

The royal order appointed Sheikh Salman bin Nashwan as secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Magistracy with the rank of chief of the Court of Appeals, replacing Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Yahya.
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