Many would have liked to hang Assad the one who did finally meets his fate

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One daring Syrian who braved Bashar al-Assad’s killing machine by hanging dummies of an executed president in public landmarks has been killed in regime bombardment in the Damascus suburb of Saqba, activist media reported Sunday.

The 28-year old Syrian activist, Amjad Syoufi, who studied mechanical engineering, was the first student to openly go on strike. He was the brains behind showcasing dummies of President Assad off the main and most populated bridges and tunnels in Damascus. The first time this happened was Oct. 25, 2011 when people in the capital woke up to a hanging Assad off President Bridge in the center of the city.

Syoufi was also the pioneer of what are now called “freedom speakers.” They have been placed near government posts in the Syrian capital and blast through revolutionary songs.

The young activist also recorded videos of some of the largest and most prominent protests in Damascus, and overlaid each one of them with his own voice. A few of these pieces include the arrests in Arnous square and the Sha’alan demonstration.

“Amjad visited me recently. His mobile phone recorded remarkable plans. He had a special shirt which he used to hide his camera so he would record what was happening,” a friend of Syoufi said.

Videos like these and other activities the young man set out to create were just a couple of reasons why the Syrian security forces tightened their grip on local protesters and activists.

Syoufi’s family and friends ended up living in fear for their lives and his after Syoufi’s public strike went viral on YouTube.

It is true that Amjad Syoufi, who was about ten days away from his 28th birthday, was killed by the regime’s brutal hand, like so many others. But, he might just have been the first to achieve the long time goal of so many Syrians, who have looked to hang Bashar al-Assad, even if it was only theatrical.

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