Nine Palestinians held after ‘snow attack’

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Nine Palestinians have been arrested for pelting two Jewish men with snowballs in East Jerusalem, reported the BBC on Monday.

Local police have stated that the suspects have been formally charged with “intending to attack” the two ultra-Orthodox men.

Footage of the event incited outrage online.

The video shows the two Jewish men targeted by the Palestinians, their hats were taken off and they were shouted at as one of the assailants filmed the incident on a mobile phone.

Police say the incident occurred last week outside the Damascus Gate entrance of Jerusalem’s Old City.

The Palestinians were said to number around 80 and included adults and children.

“It turned into more of an attack than a simple incident,” police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.

In the video footage, the Palestinians are seen assaulting the two men, throwing snow and verbally mocking them.

The gang then chases the two Ultra-Orthodox men, laughing and hurling snowballs.

The Jerusalem Post website says the police became aware of the incident from the online video.