TV channel shows new videos of the Algerian hostage crisis

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New videos released by Algeria’s Numidia News TV channel show scenes from the hostage crisis that has gripped the country and galvanized international attention over the growing al-Qaeda terror threat in North Africa.

In one of the videos obtained by Al Arabiya, a number of hostages were shown inside a besieged oil company in the Algerian desert, with a helicopter roaming nearby.

In another video, one can hear dialogue between the terrorist kidnappers and the Algerian army.

“We will eliminate them [hostages] one by one,” one terrorist said.

The army, taking more of a peaceful tone in an attempt to reach to a resolution, replied: “we prefer a dialogue to release hostages and we choose not to intervene.”

But the kidnapper said: “If you do not want to intervene, then lift the siege on the area.”

“We want you to release the hostages,” the army officer assertively replied.

In a third scene, the terrorist kidnappers comment to each other that the Algerian army is coming towards them.

In what seems like a Hollywood scene, one video shows an Algerian soldier slowly crawling towards the hostages, being more vigilant so as not to alert the terrorists to his movements.

According to the Algerian Prime Minister Abdulmalik Salal, 37 hostages, hailing from eight different countries, were killed by the militants.

The 32 “terrorists,” who were behind the Algerian hostage crisis, hailed from northern Mali, Salal told reporters in a press conference.

The al-Qaeda-linked militants, who were angry at French intervention in Mali, wanted to send a clear message: they could strike anywhere in the Sahara including terrorizing hundreds of foreigners from different backgrounds in Algeria.

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