Syrias opposition coalition warns of a catastrophe in Aleppo

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The Syrian National Coalition warned in a statement on Wednesday from a tragedy in the province of Aleppo, where the regime is continuing a series of ethnic cleansing towards Sunni areas, reported Al Arabiya.

In the same vain, fighting raged in several Syrian flashpoints on Wednesday. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said six members of one family -- a couple and four children -- were killed in a dawn missile attack on the village of Abu Taltal in Aleppo province, updating an earlier count of five.

In a video released by activists, the bodies of the three children, a boy and two young girls, can be seen lying on blankets on a hospital bed.

Their brightly colored clothes are stained with blood and their faces are turned away from the camera.

The Observatory has previously reported more than 3,500 child deaths in Syria’s conflict.

In Ras al-Ain, in the Kurdish northeast, battles raged between Kurdish militia and Islamist rebels, the Observatory said, adding that more than 58 people have been killed in a week of fierce fighting there.

Wednesday’s violence killed at least 48 people, according to a count by the Observatory. The U.N. says more than 60,000 people have died since the conflict first erupted in March 2011.

In Moscow, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov criticized Syria’s opposition for its “obsession” with toppling Assad, and warned of a long conflict.

George Sabra , head of the Syrian opposition coalition, condemned Lavrov's criticisms of Syria’s opposition, saying they are “obsessed” with toppling Assad.

“For now, everything is running up against the opposition’s obsession with toppling Bashar Assad’s regime,” Lavrov told reporters.

“As long as this irreconcilable position remains in place, nothing good can happen. Armed actions will continue and people will die.”

He said the opposition’s insistence on ousting Assad was stymying efforts to find a diplomatic solution backed by the former international peace envoy Kofi Annan and his successor, Lakhdar Brahimi.