Undoing idea of Indian brand secularism

Mansoor Jafar
Mansoor Jafar
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India presents itself in the western world as one of the most peace-loving country by virtue of its secular identity, and consequently, the best candidate in Asia to help the world increase its pace of progress.

Interestingly, Muslims accuse Shahrukh of giving up his religion and becoming a 'Hindu'

In an article in Outlook magazine, Shahrukh Khan, who has never publicly professed Islam and lives like Hindus, writes that he faced victimization by noted Hindus after 9-11 who demanded him to go to Pakistan. Shahrukh, who married a Hindu woman and named his children like Hindus, wrote Hindu leaders doubted his loyalties with India, asking him to return to his real country [Pakistan].

Interestingly, Muslims accuse Shahrukh of giving up his religion and becoming a 'Hindu'. Shahrukh wrote his father fought war of independence against the Colonists to liberate India, but now rallies were taken out against him in the same country. Like another legendary Indian actor Dilip Kumar (real name; Yusuf Khan), the ancestors of Shahrukh Khan hailed from Peshawar, a historic city in northern Pakistan.

Similar agonies were expressed in recent past by other noted Muslim actors like Shabana Azmi, Irfan Hashmi and Salman Khan. Pakistani singers like Atif Aslam, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and comedian Shakil Siddiqi were also victimized in recent past, and Shakil Siddiqi was forced to leave India two years ago.

Similarly, Pakistani singer/actor Adnan Sami Khan, who had been living in India for over 17 years, was imposed heavy fine for the 'crime' of purchasing property in Mumbai.

Responding to Shahrukh Khan’s complaint, noted Pakistani religious scholar Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has invited Shahrukh Khan to come to Pakistan. Saeed, who also heads hardline religious organization Jamaat ud Dawah and social welfare organization Falahe Insaniat Foundation (FIF) Pakistan, told an interviewer that Indian secularism and democracy was a big deception as religious minorities in India were mercilessly crushed and exterminated under the garb of largest democracy boasting religious freedoms. Shahrukh Khan is yet to respond to Saeed’s invitation.

Hafiz Saeed also demanded Washington to include BJP, RSS and VHP in State Departments list of global terrorists groups. He said if U.S. was sincere in its doctrine of wiping out terrorists from the face of earth, it must also conduct drone attacks on Indian terror training camps, like it had been targeting Al-Qaeda and Taliban in Pakistani tribal areas.

Hafiz Saeed, whose FIF is known for extending meritorious relief services in natural calamities, also offered to help the victims of recent “Sandy” hurricane in the U.S., but Washington declined the offer. Washington supports Delhi’s accusation that Hafiz Saeed was the mastermind of Mumbai attacks in 2008. which claimed lives of more than one hundred people from various nationality.

Shinde’s dangerous confessions should serve as eye openers for Islamabad and India-friendly organizations in Pakistan, particularly in their efforts to award Most-Favored-Nation (MFN) status to New Delhi. It must not be forgotten that Indian leaderships had been consistently accusing Pakistani security and intelligence agencies behind every mishap in India for the last five decades.

(Mansoor Jafar is Editor of Al Arabiya Urdu based at Islamabad. He can be reached through email: [email protected] and Twitter: @mansoorjafar)

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