Saudi ministry of education sees learning English as top priority

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To enable students to overcome challenges, teaching English is going to a top priority in Saudi Arabia, the kingdom’s Deputy Minister of Education, Nora al-Fayez, was quoted as saying in an interview published in the local newspaper, al-Madina.

Professor of Computer Science at King Abdul Aziz University, Hussein Sendi, said the lack of proficiency in English among Saudi students could be attributed to three factors, which include: the Saudi culture, education shortcomings and shortage in the resources required to learn English.

“First, we need to improve the cultural factor in order to advance the learning of English in the kingdom,” he told Al Arabiya.

Sendi explained that parents need to know that English is not just one of the many languages spoken across the globe, but is now the most important of them, especially when it comes to technology.

“Almost 80 percent of internet servers are in the United States and they all operate in English and around 75 percent of the internet’s most important sites in the fields of knowledge and culture are also in English.”

Sendi stressed the necessity of reviewing English school curricula and providing the facilities required for learning English.

“For example, language labs for teaching English have to be established and it is also important to choose teachers that are fluent in English.”

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