Song Sung Blue: footage of singing Syrian hit by blast goes viral

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Footage of a Syrian girl injured by a bomb while singing for freedom has gone viral online.

Syrian opposition activists broadcasted the emotional video that was filmed on the Nov. 16, 2012 in Aleppo.

The video shows a young girl singing before she is interrupted by a deadly bomb blast that erupted near her.

In the short video, young opposition activists appeared protesting and shouting against the regime carrying flags from the era of French rule in the 1920’s. They use these flags as markers of their revolution.

The song sung by the girl is symbolic.

“Hoping for freedom, hoping,” she laments, referring to the many young Syrians who are seeking freedom from Assad’s regime.

The opposition frequently uses videos and films that they post on YouTube and other social media sites to grab the world’s attention to their pains and suffering.

This footage in particular proved very popular; it was picked up by supporters of the opposition the world over.

Some social media users are saying “enough” to the bombs and the videos of innocent children being injured and killed every day.

Many other videos that have gone viral depict young men trying to find their loved ones and neighbors under houses allegedly leveled to the ground by the Syrian regime.

Social media has been used as a tool to ‘get the message out’ since the revolution started in March of 2011.