Syrian youths defy regime, protest in Damascus

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Syrian young men and women on Tuesday defied the regime and protested in the capital, Damascus.

Around fifty youths marched in protest under the slogan “the lying Syrian media.” The protest was held in the area of Al-Baramkeh near the headquarters of the Syrian Arab News Agency.

The protest, organized by the so-called “Union of Syria’s Liberal Students – Damascus” and the “Baramkeh committee” was a surprising, unexpected move against the regime’s desperate attempts to suppress the Syrian people.

It rendered the regime, its men, barriers and fortifications as powerless.

Protesters also chanted in support of Hama that witnessed a massacre during the regime of late President Hafez al-Assad, who ordered an operation there to quell a revolt by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1982.

“We have not forgotten your blood, Hama. Here is Sham, here it is,” are some of the chants.

Organized chaos
The Union of Syria’s Liberal Students have in the past organized very dangerous activity that could have cost them their lives.

Yesterday’s protest was as risky as their previous actions, primarily because of its location, in central Damascus, and the permanent presence of security forces and shabiha (thugs).

One of the demonstration’s organizers speaking on condition of anonymity said the protest was held after security forces were no longer present at the chosen location.

“At around 10 o’clock, two armed [security] members were present at the street [where we intended to protest]. They were no longer there by 3:30 but around seven armed military police members arrived in a car and parked at the street’s entrance.

However, they left a while later so we decided to begin our protest,” he said.

The magic word
The protesters also agreed on two words, that when screamed, indicate whether to disperse or gather.

A mistake was made by one protester as the decision to begin the protest was made one of them whose task was “disperse” the crowed if he sensed a threat said the word scattering everyone who were supposed to be gathering.

However, moments later, another said “Takbeer” indicating the start of their activity and they united again.

Protesters had also included females such as S. who told Al-Arabiya that she has been impatiently waiting for that protest.

“It is true that the protest’s duration was short but it had a great effect. I felt that our chants were those of defeated people who long for one thing. [My] best moment was when we [chanted] here is Sham.”

A., an activist who participated, said that due to heavy security deployment in Damascus, protests have become as hard as attacking a military barricade.

“We, like most revolutionaries, [innocently] lied to our parents [about what we planned to do] so they do not get worried about us. We bid them farewell and headed to the protest. We were all waiting for the magic word “Takbeer.”

“Blocking the road became something marvelous, and the fire was bedazzling. What matters is that we [disturbed] security [forces] and [regime supporters] and upset their day.”

Syrians still maintain a peaceful appearance of the revolution, and the challenge is still on…There is someone who still says “God is Great” against the will of an almost infinite number of shabiha, security forces and barriers in Damascus.

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