Eyewitness reveals important details about Belaid’s assassination

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Tunisian journalist Nadia Daoud revealed on Wednesday, thrilling and dangerous details about the assassination of Shokri Belaid, the leader of the Unified Democratic Nationalist party.

She pointed the finger at Belaid’s driver, stressing that he did not tremble, scream or fall apartwhen the murder took place.

The journalist, who was an eye witness, said she lives in the same building as Belaid, her on the fourth floor and him on the first.

While crying, she told the Tunisian radio stsation “Express FM” that she was standing on the balcony where she saw Belaid’s driver waiting for him in the car like every morning.

She claimed someone approached the driver, spoke to him and then left before Belaidleft his house.

She then added that a motorcycle, with two people on it, approached Belaid as he opened the car door; then the armed man on the motorbike shot him once at the beginning and then pulled the trigger three more times.

She explained that the first bullet was fired at Belaid’s torso, and the rest hit him in the chest and abdomen.

Daoud said she wasn’t quick enough to react and take a photo of the scene as it happened but as the ambulance turned up she managed to get some pictures.

The journalist expressed serious doubts about the driver, saying his reaction to the assassination seemed strange.

Daoud also revealed that she didn’t talk to the security services about what she saw and her reservations about the driver, so there has been no written testimony about what she saw on Wednesday.

She also emphasized that she has lost all confidence in the police force in the country.

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