Ahmadinejad escapes second failed attack in Cairo

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The Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has escaped an attempted attack during a visit to an Iranian official’s house in Cairo, according to reports.

The house call was made to commemorate the Iranian Islamic revolution’s anniversary.

As soon as the Iranian president entered the diplomat’s,Mojtaba Amani’s, garden to greet a number of attendees, a man suddenly infiltrated the area and surged towards Ahmadinejad, reported the Anatolia News Agency.

Egyptian and Iranian security guards stopped the attacker from physically assaulting Ahmadinejad. Iranian security wanted to keep the attacker in their custody but the Egyptian security forces persuaded them to hand him in, he was later arrested by Egyptian police.

A security source told the Anatolia news agency that the identity of the attacker was not immediately known, although the source said he an Egyptian accent.

“Death to Ahmadinejad and death for Bashar [al-Assad],” the source quoted the attacker as saying. He did not carry a weapon , according to reports.

On Tuesday, a Syrian man tried to attack Ahmadinejad upon leaving al-Hussein mosque in Cairo, where he was performing al-Maghrib prayer.

A young man with “a Syrian accent” attempted to hit him. However, the Egyptian security forces managed to seize and arrest the man following the incident.

The attacker, who was heard chanting anti-Iranian slogans due to Tehran’s support of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s regime, said “they killed our brothers.”

The two incidents came as Ahmadinejad attended the Islamic Solidarity Organization conference that began on Tuesday in Cairo.

The visit marks the first time an Iranian president has traveled to Egypt since the Iranian Islamic revolution in 1979, which resulted in ruptured diplomatic ties between the two countries.

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