‘No attempt on my life’: Egypt’s Central Bank Governor

The governor of the central bank in Egypt, Hisham Ramez, denied reports of an attempt to assassinate him.

The attackers targeted his wealth as opposed to his life, according to Ramez.

He spoke to Al Arabiya saying “the armed attack was for the purpose or robbery, not assassination.”

Earlier on Tuesday, the car of the governor was attacked by four armed people who exchanged fire with police officers. The robbers killed a police officer and hijacked the car.

The armed robbery was reported immediately to the police. High ranking officers are investigating the nature of the incident.

The initial investigation indicated that while the car was on the way to pick up the governor from his house, a driver and a police officer on board were attacked. The exchange of fire resulted in the death of the officer, and the driver was forced to leave the car, the attackers stole the car and managed to escape the scene.

Last Update: Wednesday, 13 February 2013 KSA 11:13 - GMT 08:13