Palestinians protesters in West Bank clash with Israeli troops

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Israeli soldiers arrested a Palestinian demonstrator while dozens of Palestinian youths hurled stones at positions held by Israeli soldiers in Jenin in the West Bank.

The soldiers fired tear gas and stun grenades in response.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visited an event where people gathered to support the prisoners.

“They are always in our memories so we always say we will not forget them, and we will not leave them suffering, what they suffer from [being], in the Israeli occupation jails,” Abbas told the crowd in al-Bireh town.

Some 4,800 Palestinian prisoners are serving time in Israeli jail. Many of them are being held without trial and dozens are on hunger strike, demanding better conditions including increased family visitation rights and an end to solitary confinement.

Three Palestinian prisoners who have been on hunger strike for extended periods were recently transferred to hospitals due to deteriorating health.

Meanwhile the demonstrators in Hebron were trying to open a road that have been closed for 12 years.

Demonstrators tried to break the lock of a gate that closed the road using stones but they failed as Israeli soldiers arrived and asked them to leave.

“These blocks affect, since the year 2000, in a negative way around 150,000 residents who live in the south of the Palestinian territories and cut off between Hebron and the south,” said Ishak Alabsi, Palestinian activist.

A military spokeswoman said that 100 Palestinians hurled stones near Israeli settlement and the soldiers responded with dispersal means.

Hebron and its surroundings have Jewish settlements whose growth Israel views as its biblical and security prerogative.