Fight for freedom: Qaeda leader wants arms used to free prisoners in Saudi

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Ibrahim Rubaish, an al-Qaeda leader, was shown in a video posted on YouTube calling to use arms and weapons to release all detainees in Saudi Arabia.

In the video, Rubaish urged all members released in Saudi Arabia to proceed with their armed work to set prisoners free. Further, he demanded to exploit the sympathy of citizens with the detainees.

“I praise God that he set them free and I ask that he will let them and us be obedient to his name,” he said in the video.

“My will for them is that they don’t stop taking actions after they are released from prison, but instead, they will carry on defending and fighting for their cause.

“People are now sympathizing with the case of the detainees. I call them to use that sympathy to alert people to the reality of the government and incite them to fight for the sake of God’s name and become his messengers,” Rubaish added.

The video was removed from YouTube as the website said the video violated the terms and conditions of the site.

Friday night witnessed the arrest of 161 people, including 15 women, after a protest that carried out for 12 hours was calling for fair treatment for security prisoners, the official SPA news agency reported.

The sit-in was “an attempt to rouse public opinion by exploiting the cases of a number of persons convicted or accused of crimes or activities of a deviant group,” SPA quoted a police spokesman in the Qassim region.