Police and protesters clash anew in Egypt’s Port Said

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Fresh clashes broke out Tuesday between police and protesters in the restive Suez Canal city of Port Said, where six people were killed at the weekend.

Al Arabiya's correspondent has said that police were seen firing tear gas once again to disperse the crowds.

This comes after the President recalled security forces off the city streets.

“We hate the police. We don’t want them around anymore!” Shaaban, 25, shouted.

The unrest in Port Said, fuelled by January death sentences handed down to football fans over deadly rioting, boiled over again on Sunday night when clashes killed six people, including three policemen.

Hundreds of people were also injured in the overnight fighting after authorities decided to move prisoners awaiting a verdict over alleged involvement in last year’s deadly football riot.

The interior ministry said it decided to move the prisoners from Port Said because it wanted to avoid unrest.

The upcoming court verdict is for another 39 defendants.
Traffic in the Suez Canal, a vital waterway for global commerce, has not been disrupted, the canal authority said.