Protest at Mursi’s residence, after his son ‘insulted’ officer

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Several officers of Egypt's central security forces staged a protest Friday outside the home of President Mohammed Mursi in the Eastern Province in solidarity with a colleague officer who was reportedly insulted and intimidated by a son of the president.

Lieutenant Ahmed Hamdi, assigned to guard the president’s house engaged in a verbal altercation on Friday with Mursi’s youngest son, Abdullah, who ended up threatening him that he will be “kicked out of his job,” the privately-owned daily Youm 7 reported.

The incident occurred when Mursi’s son and one of his friends were stopped at the gate of Mursi’s residence because the BMW car they were driving did not have a presidential plate, according to the report.

Displeased son of the president reportedly shouted the officer: “Don’t you know who I am?” before threatening that if he doesn’t open the gate he would be fired from him job.

In a bid to ease the situation, Mursi’s other son, Osama, called the officer to apologize on behalf of his brother.

But Hamdi rejected the apology and complained to the head of the central securities in the eastern province.

Mursi’s sons have been a source of disturbance to their father lately, already facing with growing popular anger over deteriorating economic and political conditions.

Earlier in February, Mursi’s son, Omar, withdrew from taking up a job with a firm affiliated to the civil aviation ministry after the news outraged the public, considering it a form of nepotism.

Omar Mursi’s decision to drop his post at the Holding Company for Airports and Air Navigation highlights the influence Egypt’s independent media yield over the country’s leaders in the post-revolutionary stage.