Thousands of Syrian women are detained, kidnapped and tortured: watchdog

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The Syrian Human rights network has found that 4257 women have been killed by the Syrian regime security forces since the start of the revolution in March 2011.

As for female detainees, there are at least 6400 women, including 1000 university students.

However, authorities continue to refuse handing out or revealing any information on the fate of the detained women or their locations.

In addition to this, 1200 women were kidnapped by members of President Bashar al-Assad’s forces, according to the watchdog network.

Most of the women who disappeared were in the areas of Homs, Latakia and Damascus.

The Syrian network has also said, those kidnapped were subject to systemic torture and ill-treatment during their capture.

The network mentioned more than 700 women were raped inside the security branches.

Women in Syria were subject to other types of sexualized violence, ranging from verbal abuse to direct sexual harassment.

This would take place while regime forces were strip searching them at the checkpoints within cities that were still under the regime’s control, or during raids executed by Assad’s forces.

The Syrian human rights network stated in its report that the fear around sexualized violence is one of the main reasons why hundreds of thousands of Syrian women have sought refuge in neighboring countries.