Syrian state TV accused ‘again’ of fabricating news in its coverage

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A report aired by Syrian state TV blaming opposition fighters for destroying a nursery in Damascus, was allegedly viewed by activists on social media as a fabrication by the regime to taint the country’s opposition, after they retrieved the video showing regime soldiers playing in the same nursery.

Syrian State TV, which has previously been accused of fabricating reports about the Syrian revolution along with spreading false news regarding the situation on the ground, shows an extensively damaged nursery at Daraya, a city in the Damascus province.

The report aired on the channel said the nursery was occupied by “armed groups” who destroyed what was once a children’s playground.

However, activists supporting the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, through social media, blamed the regime soldiers of destroying the nursery themselves and said the aired report was just another attempt by the regime to slam the country’s opposition fighters.

A Facebook group backed up the argument when they retrieved a video that was leaked last October (2012) by a regime supporter, showing regime soldiers handling the toys at the same nursery.

The conflicting report circulated on the Facebook group named: “Scandals of the Syrian regime’s media and its lies and TV clowns.”

The group’s members stand firmly against the Syrian government and the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Many Syrian activists inside and outside the country are documenting the events taking place in Syria through all communication mediums; print, sound and pictures.

Accordingly, the Facebook page not only works on gathering the videos of the Syrian uprising, but also works on translating the footage into different languages, to reach a global audience.