Saudi petition hopes to reopen talks on women driving

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A petition signed by 3,000 Saudis is calling for the country’s consultative Shura Council to renew discussions on women driving, a report stated on Monday.

The council includes 30 women members for the first time since King Abdullah issued a decree earlier this year.

But it remains unclear over the status of the petition, signed by Saudi activists and academics.

A report from Saudi daily, Arab News, said the petition had reached the council. The newspaper, quoting Abdullah al-Alami, a signatory to the petition, said that the human rights committee of the council considered the demand and decided to present it for a debate.

But an unnamed member of the council told the daily that he had no information about the petition coming up for debate in the council

When contacted by Al Arabiya, two female Shura Council members denied that the petition was agreed on or that it would be discussed in the council, declining to comment further.

Saudi Arabia restricts women, including a ban on driving, unique of its kind worldwide.

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