Palestinian protestors take to the streets as Obama visit approaches

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Tens of Palestinians swept the streets of Ramallah in the West Bank Tuesday protesting the upcoming visit of U.S. President Barack Obama to the Palestinian territories, which is scheduled to take place on Thursday and Friday.

During the anti-Obama demonstration, protesters opposed a return to “futile peace negotiations” in Ramallah and condemned the American policy to be biased toward Israel.

Police forces haltered protestors from accessing the Palestinian Presidential Headquarters where Obama will be meeting with President Mahmoud Abbas.

A campaign was launched by a small number of Palestinian activists who say their campaign aims to tell Obama that Palestinians living under the Israeli occupation are deprived from the 3G service, which they say is restricted by the Jewish state.

The group set a huge banner with Obama’s picture that read “Obama: Don't Bring Your Smart Phone to Ramallah -You won't have mobile access to the Internet - We have no 3G in Palestine.” The group posted the same pictures of the message on Facebook pages and put up placards in the streets of the West Bank.

Security measures across the city have been stepped up dramatically ahead of the visit, police said.

“This is the largest police operation since president George Bush's visit in 2008,” police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told AFP. “There will be 15,000 police officers deployed” throughout the city for the duration of the visit, he said – with 5,000 on duty every day.

Police will coordinate with US security details, which will include convoys, helicopters and rapid response units, Rosenfeld said.

The area around the King David Hotel will be completely closed off for the duration of the visit.

Other roads in the city will be sealed off and public transport rerouted with the details laid out in 30,000 flyers distributed by the municipality.