Muslim Brotherhood breaking promises: Egyptian bakers

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The Muslim Brotherhood – from which Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi hails – had previously promised the people that all crises, such as that of the bread, will be resolved.

However, the government’s decision to ration bread does not put the Brotherhood in a good light. Many citizens believe that, so far, the Muslim Brotherhood leadership has not been able to keep its promises.

Owners of Egyptian bakeries have protested in Cairo following the government’s decision to implement a new plan to ration bread.

Some people believe this new regulation will resolve the wheat crisis, while others believe it will contribute to the failure of the current government.

The Ministry of Supply has confirmed that the new regulation will take effect in 15 provinces, adding that it will prevent the theft of wheat that the government is providing.

The low-cost bread is often the best food for the nation’s poorest people.

Egyptian Bakers object to the new plan, noting rising costs and shortages in Egypt’s long-held policy of subsidizing bread and fuel prices.

According to the ministry, such a move aims to reduce Egypt’s deficit and will involve issuing electronic cards to control how much bread people can buy.

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