Niger hands over Qaddafi’s son to Libya

Wanted by Tripoli for corruption charges, al-Saadi Qaddafi fled to Niger after the toppling of his father’s regime in 2011

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Libyan authorities received al-Saadi Qaddafi - the son of the slain Libyan strongman Muammar Qaddafi - on Thursday after neighboring Niger handed him to Tripoli, the government said.

On Libya’s government website, Tripoli “thanked” Niger’s “cooperation” for handing in al-Saadi.

Tripoli “vowed that it will be committed to treat the accused [al-Saadi Qaddafi] according to justice and international standards when dealing with prisoners.”

In a picture obtained by Al Arabiya News, al-Saadi was seen wearing a blue jumpsuit, with one Libyan policeman shaving his head.

Libyan authorities have accused, al-Saadi - who used to head Libya’s football club - of corruption, including illegal land grabs.

Al-Saadi, who is 40 years old, fled to Niger as his father’s regime crumbled in September 2011 and has been under house arrest in the desert West African nation ever since.

He is still the subject of a U.N. travel ban but is not wanted by the International Criminal Court.

His brother Saif al-Islam awaits trial in Libya. Other family members have been granted asylum in Oman.

Al-Saadi is known for his love of professional soccer and playboy lifestyle. One law prohibited announcing the name of any football player with the exception of al-Saadi. Players were called by their numbers.

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