Bahrain jails 19 for attacks on police

The five men who got the longest terms were convicted of a bomb attack in Manama in August last year

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A Bahraini court on Thursday jailed 19 people for attacks against police in the kingdom, including five for life sentences, Chief of Terror Crimes Prosecution, Advocate General Ahmed Al Hammadi said.

In the first case, the five men who got the longest terms were convicted of a bomb attack in a Shiite-populated village east of Manama in August last year.

The bomb exploded when a police bulldozer was clearing barricades that had been erected by protesters, the source said.

In the second trial, the same court handed out jail terms of between three and 15 years to 14 Shiites convicted of attacking police in Sitra, south of the capital.

They were also found guilty of possessing weapons and explosives, Bahrain state news agency quoted Al Hammadi.

Al-Hammadi said that the Public Prosecution relied in substantiating the charges on testimonies from evidence witnesses, the confessions of the suspects a, and forensic reports.

The suspects were referred to the High Criminal Court, where they stood trial in the presence of their defense lawyers, he added.

The Advocate General confirmed that the defendants had been afforded full legal rights throughout the trial, including the right to appeal the court ruling, as guaranteed by Bahraini law.