Dead bodies litter wreckage from Philippines typhoon

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Bloated bodies lie uncollected and uncounted in the streets following typhoon Haiyan, which ravaged the Philippines over the weekend and has an estimated 10,000 people.

The typhoon has leveled entire towns, and thousands of people are missing.

Daisy Nemeth, who lives in Hong Kong, told CNN she is worried because 30 members of her family are missing.

“It's my uncle, my mom's brother is missing. All his children, his wife, everyone. My cousin is missing with her six children, they range in age from 9 to 19. Then I have many, many other missing cousins. But these are the ones we're the closest with -- and they're nowhere to be found," Nemeth said.

The woman in her sixth month of pregnancy said she could not travel and search for them. She couldn’t find anyone to hire to look for them, she said.

Her family has tried to hire someone to search for them, but people are not willing to travel to the affected areas.

Nemeth said she is constantly checking Facebook, where a list of survivors found in medical centers is being circulated.

She has also posted photos of her missing family members, in the hope that someone has seen them.

However, she has been flooded with messages from people claiming to be relatives in order to receive money.

Desperation is building among the millions of people in affected areas, who urgently need food, water, medicines, shelter, and other relief supplies.

Carol Mampas, embracing her feverish baby son in a blanket, said she has lost her house and does not have any money, documents, passports or school records.

“Please, please, tell authorities to help us. Where is the food, where is the water? Where are the military collecting the dead?,” she told AFP.

Heavy rain overnight in Tacloban compounded the survivors’ desperation, while a tropical storm to the south threatened other typhoon-hit islands where hundreds of other people were also killed.

An international relief effort has begun to build momentum, with the United States and Britain announcing they would quickly deploy warships carrying thousands of soldiers to the Philippines.

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