After truce, Hadi makes changes in Yemen military

The Yemeni President issued several military changes, including the appointment of a new Deputy Chief of General Staff after the truce ended

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President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi issued several military changes in Yemen, including the appointment of a new Deputy Chief of General Staff after the truce ended on Monday due to Houthi violations.

The president appointed Major General Ahmed Saif al-Yafei Deputy Chief of General Staff, Brigadier General Saleh Mohammed as first commander of the military district in Hadhramaut.

The changes came in response to criticism of military leaders failing to push forward against the Houthi militias, mainly in Marib – which has seen months-long clashes between Houthis and Yemeni forces backed by the Arab coalition.
Clashes in Hadhramaut

Meanwhile coinciding with the decision to change the commander of Hadhramaut, gunmen dressed in al-Qaeda clothing attacked on Monday the military forces in the area. The gunmen were reportedly captured, however their identities were not revealed.

Turce ends

The Yemeni army on Monday announced the resumption of military operations against the Iran-backed Houthi militias in the country, Al Arabiya News Channel reported.

The army and resistance forces also said they had evicted the Houthi militias from an air base in northern Taiz.

The Arab coalition supporting Yemen’s government against the Houthis said a 48-hour ceasefire ended at midday (0900 GMT) Monday due to repeated violations by Houthi militias and their allies.

“There is no respect (for the truce), only violations,” the coalition spokesman Major General Ahmed Assiri said, adding that there were “no orders to extend the ceasefire.”

Assiri stated that the number of breaches committed by the militia since the beginning of the truce exceeded 500 breaches, 80 percent of them in Yemen, Al Arabiya news channel reported.

The coalition spokesperson explained that violations were made within the first hours of the truce, which took place in Yemen and the Saudi Arabian southern provinces of Najran and Jizan.