How a generous Saudi saved an Indian worker from execution

Businessman paid on his behalf SR1.3 million as blood money

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Limbadri, an Indian worker, never had it in his wildest dreams that he would escape death sentence especially after he had spent eight years behind bars waiting for execution.

He thought his head would be separated from his body in an implantation of a court rule which sentenced him to capital punishment after killing a Saudi during a fight.

With the date of execution coming closer, Awad bin Guraiah Al-Yami, a Saudi businessman, intervened with the family of the victim to pardon the killer offering them SR1.3 million as diyah (blood money).

Yami’s good offices were fruitful when the family accepted the blood money and pardoned the murderer.

The court endorsed the pardon and the Indian worker is now waiting to be released from prison.

The Indian was working in a farm in Najran.

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