Arab coalition strikes Republican Guards camp in Sanaa

The Arab coalition is providing air support for the army

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An Arab coalition air force fighting against Houthi militias in Yemen launched on Saturday four raids against a Republican Guards camp in the capital Sanaa which is under Houthi control.

Yemeni army units, allied to the coalition, liberated new posts in Nahm, east of Sanaa, as battles against the militias continued.

The Arab coalition is providing air support for the army.

A military source said the army liberated the area of al-Safeh al-Abyad in Nahm and continues to advance towards the town of Dabuaa, adding that militias are retreating as they have suffered heavy losses.

The army has also cut supply routes to militias, the source said.

A popular resistance spokesperson in Sanaa said dozens of Houthi rebels and militiamen loyal to ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh have been killed or injured in the battles in Nahm.

In Jawf, army units seized control of multiple military posts, including al-Taba al-Sawda and al-Taba al-Baydaa and destroyed dozens of vehicles for Houthi militias which launched a failed attacked on army posts.