Houthis targeting tribes and suppressing public officials

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Houthi militias have embraced a systematic strategy to distort Yemen social structure designed to create rifts between the country’s different tribes by employing its alliance to eradicate others against the militia.

Ten tribes, based in four different provinces, suffered the most from the despot Houthi’s callous military and economic campaigns inflicting human loss, displacement of families, and mass property damages.

These tribes are:
Sana’a: Arhab and Bani Dubian
Dhumar: Atmah and al-Haddah
Ibb: Al Khafar, al Shawour, al-Adin, Ba’dan, al Radmah, al Oud, al Siyahi
Al Hudaydah: Al-Zaranik

Furthermore, the militia also resorted to various economic means to penalize and repress opponents from civil servants terminating the service of thousands of them and replacing them with henchmen, in addition to halting salary payments to hundreds of thousands of workers in civil and military sections.