Assailants of Jeddah policeman identified

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Security forces in Mecca revealed the identities of seven motorcyclist suspects accused of assaulting a policeman and endangering citizens’ lives in Jeddah City.

In a statement published, Thursday, police stated that five of the suspects: one Saudi and six expatriates, were arrested:

1. Siddiq al Rashidi – Saudi – 18-years-old
2. Hussain Mohammed Abdul Karim – Chad – 25-years-old
3. Hassan Ali Mousa – Chad – 20-years-old
4. Haroun Adam Cober – Nigeria – 20-years-old
5. Yacoub Ahmed Mohamed Abdul Fattah – Yemen – 20-years-old

According to the statement, the police is still hunting for two more suspects:

1. Wajdi Nassir Ali Basabreen – Yemen – 24-years-old: A violator to immigration residency visa
2. Akram Brova – Chad – 20-years old: A violator to immigration residency visa.

The seven motorcyclists are accused of assaulting a policeman in Jeddah’s corniche while trying to restrain their unruly behavior endangering the life of the people in the area. They also attacked a security guard who rushed to help the policeman before they fled.