Yemen’s Hadi: Houthis cannot impose Iranian model on us

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Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi has said that the Houthi militias cannot impose the Iranian model on the Yemenis, pointing out that the majority of Yemenis stand for the restoration of state institutions from those who staged the coup.

Hadi explained that the government plans to register all members of the Popular Resistance for training programs.

Delivering a speech at the graduation ceremony of members of the Popular Resistance in al-Anad in south of Yemen, President Hadi said that his government has a plan to register all members of the Popular Resistance into training programs in order to form a new army.

In cooperation with the legitimate government in Yemen, the Arab coalition forces support training of thousands of new members of the army. They provide training and supervise intensive programs besides running a training program for pilots.

The coalition carries out training operations at the Al-Anad Air Base while other training camps have been established in Marib governorate to equip and prepare Yemeni Army members, with the participation of officers from coalition countries and former Yemeni officers.

The members have been equipped with necessary military gears. Coalition forces have also deployed select groups of elite forces and aircraft to train the army.

An intensive training program was recently launched to build a new Yemeni Air Force at the restored Al-Anad base by training Yemeni pilots to use the aircraft and rehabilitate them as part of the reinforcement of military operations on the remaining fronts.

This article is also available in Arabic.

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